A Practical Guide to The Cosmos

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A Practical Guide To The Cosmos

was a vision of The Franklin Institute, the prestigious non-profit science museum and center of science education. Through it they wanted to provide a digital course for introduction-level astronomy that could captivate and inspire audiences who have otherwise never held interest in the subject.

Working with nonprofits and creating content to advance science communication are two areas we care deeply about. So when our friends and partners in production at IKA Collective brought us in to tackle post-production for this 8-part series, we were over the moon.


Post-Production (editorial, VFX, motion and title graphics, color grading)

Episode 3 - The Moon

Our Process

We work closely with our partners in production. In this instance, long time collaborators IKA Collective tapped veteran director Ronni Thomas to spear head the 3 day shoot on location at The Franklin Institute.

The first part of any post-production project is to absorb as much of the intended direction as possible. We reviewed original concept decks and meet with Ronni to get a sense of the vision he set out to capture in principle photography.

Then we ingest and review all the footage and audio capture we have to work with. During this preparation processes, often a lot of ideas and creative direction for post will occur. For heavy VFX and design projects such as these, we get underway on Motion Design and Pre-Vis as early as possible.

By the time our editors are prepared to begin their work, we have a crystal clear vision of the final work. With Motion Designs and Pre-Vis locked in, the editorial kicks off strong.

We needed to maximize our budget.

We were able to do this in large part by systemizing graphics and visual effects shots. We created a set of templates which our animator and vfx artist could repurpose continuously - reducing the overall time required to produce and render these shots and sequences greatly. 

The result is a look that is out of this world.

There were over 120 visual effects and graphics shots that needed to be created.

VFX / Graphics shots from A Practical Guide to the Cosmos

From start to finish our post-production and design engagement lasted 6 weeks. In that time, the full series, complete with ancillary bonus content (byte-sized ‘do it yourself’ activities for viewers), and social promos were delivered. Now, the series is poised to play online at The Franklin Institutes website, as well as planetariums across the nation.

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