To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Christopher Paolini

Book Promo

World Building

We approach promos such as these with a ton of enthusiasm. They are a great opportunity to unleash our creativity.

They begin with a synopsis of the book. From there, we get to use our imagination to start writing and designing the look and feel of the world the book creates.

Scripting and Storyboarding

Once we've refined the script with the author and publisher, we design styleframes to show key moments in the envisioned final video.

In the case of To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars, our script and styleframes had an ambitious premise: To carry the viewer through a galactic scene, only to reveal it as a reflection in the eye of the book's central protagonist.

For production, we decided to shoot live action plates for the eye. DP Robert J. Carnevale captured these plates safely while under Covid quarantine - using only his on hand equipment and talent.

VFX plate from practical shoot of To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars
Composited final from To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars

Coming together

In post-production, we composited the eye plate with numerous layers of CG, motion design elements and color grading effects to create a final single shot pull out: From deep space, through a helix galaxy, which transforms into an eye reflecting the galaxy back out.

Together with the author and publisher, we arrived at a final piece which is darkly beautiful and, in our humble opinion, completely stellar.

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